CargoCult report for March 2023

CargoCult Report March 2023

🚲 Our two e-cargo bicycles Beetroot and Yolk + trailer Carla rode a total of 441 km, and moved 582 kg of humanitarian aid.

CargoCult charity pilot Ara Karasyov

🚲 #cycling_for_charity pilots Ara Karasyov and Artur Edamov made 27 volunteer deliveries.

Will deliver bo3yk

🚲 One more bo3uk - army cart on a bicycle wheel has been sent to the reconnaissance squad on the eastern front, where fighting continues.

Artur Cargocult pilot

🚲 9 bicycle repair workshops with Сміливі відновлювати were held at lifecycle.kyiv These bicycles were donated to the people of Ukraine from City of Amsterdam. Khvorostenko Oleksii managed the process. 19 brave and kind volunteers joined our workshops and fixed the bicycles. During this month we repaired 35 bicycles. For transportation from the warehouse to the workshop we used our Carla Cargo trailer. It’s amazing to be able to move 4-5 bicycles at the same time just with a bicycle trailer.

Bicycles for people on deoccupied territories of Ukraine repairing bicycles

🚲 Repaired bicycles have already met their new owners in deoccupied territories Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, in the South of Ukraine. For those people, bicycles are not leisure or relaxation accessories but utilitarian transport. We started this project because we want bicycles to assist people more. This project is a sustainable way to use resources. 600 more bicycles wait to be repaired. We need bicycle parts, so if you want to provide technical assistance, please contact us.

bicycles to Kherson region

🚲 We supported with bicycle parts for volunteer Mychailo. He lives in Kherson and helps people staying in the city, which has been shelled for months. He had some problems with his bicycle, so we bought and sent him the parts he needed (300 EUR). Thank you for all the donations you made.

Mychailo deliver in Kherson

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